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Contract Slitting of Pliable Materials

machinesm2.gif (18170 bytes) Precision Knives is a diversified company whose main interest is in industrial cutting forme manufacturing and contract cutting of pliable materials. Our slitting service is an integral part of the Precision Knives Group. A large variety of  rolled materials can be slit professionally and accurately, using the latest equipment.

Precision Knives' commitment to providing high quality,  prompt workmanship helps to reduce manufacturing costs.  If you require accurate, reliable, professional service, you require Precision Knives.

Fibreglass  square.gif (821 bytes)  Foam  square.gif (821 bytes)  Aluminium - Foil  square.gif (821 bytes)  Copper - Foil   square.gif (821 bytes)  Gasket
Industrial Fabric  square.gif (821 bytes)  Insulation  square.gif (821 bytes)  Kraft  square.gif (821 bytes)  Leather  square.gif (821 bytes)  Lexan  square.gif (821 bytes)  Mylar
Non -woven  square.gif (821 bytes)   Paper  square.gif (821 bytes)   Paper Board  square.gif (821 bytes)  Photographic Film  square.gif (821 bytes)  Plastic
Polyester  square.gif (821 bytes)  Pressure Sensitive Vinyl  square.gif (821 bytes)  Prepreg  square.gif (821 bytes)  Reflective Rubber
Tape  square.gif (821 bytes)   Textile  square.gif (821 bytes)   Tissue  square.gif (821 bytes)  Vinyl

Precision Knives Australia Pty Ltd
PO Box 271
Queensland  4034

Unit 5, 58 Pritchard rd,
Virginia, 4014
Tel: + 61 7 3265 7760
Fax: + 61 7 3265 7761


"Let us be of service to you."

P.K. Slitting Service is a subsidiary of Precision Knives (Aust)
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